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Comte de Grasse Cocktails For You with 44°N Gin

Inspired by the perfume mastery of Grasse and the rich heritage of precision extraction and blending our Master Distiller Marie-Anne Contamin has created exciting flavour blends to create a new range of ready to drink cocktails.

With our gin, 44ºN, as the base we have recreated some of the world’s most popular gin cocktails, as mixed by expert bartenders, so that you can experience and share the ‘joie de vivre’ of the French Riviera at home with friends or simply {and most decadently} by yourself!

Each cocktail embraces ‘Art Luxueux’, the French art of creating what might seem simple but which has actually been painstakingly perfected. We have poured all of our know-how in flavour extraction and blending into each one and they each have the ‘Grasse twist’ to how they have been created.

This process creates a fully sensorial cocktail experience that will transport you to our home in Grasse, the heartland of perfume, on the French Riviera.

In the first of our series of ‘Cocktails at Home’ we have partnered with a well-known local mixologist who was voted “One of the best craftsmen in France, 2019” and has been creating cocktails at Côte d’Azur favourites, The Martinez and La Chèvre d’or.


Our take on the bitter-blissful Italian aperitif, the Negroni. We balance 44ºN gin with bitters and vermouth which creates a traditional base but as we like to do at Comte de Grasse, we add a subtle floral and sweet top note.

To Serve: Place a large ice-cube into a rocks glass, shake well and pour over the chilled cocktail. Garnish with an orange peel. We like to twist the orange peel over the glass to release the oils. Serves 2.


RinQuinQuin, in the Provençal language, means ‘invigorating drink’. We have invigorated this twist on a Martini by using a peach wine instead of vermouth, adding a touch of verjus and a long stir with a florale note famous to the region.

To Serve:Chill the cocktail, shake well and serve in a chilled Coupette. For a chilled experience, pour cocktail into a mixing glass and stir with ice, strain into a chilled Coupette. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel. Serves 2.


Adapted from Harrys ABC of Mixing cocktails, this ‘Parisian’ showcase puts vermouth front and centre, supported by 44ºN gin and a sweet French-delight, Crème de Cassis.

To Serve: Chill the cocktail, shake well and pour into a chilled Nick and Nora glass. Express the oils from a lemon peel over the glass, then discard. Serves 2.


The area around the Mediterranean Sea is famous for growing agrumes – the word French for citrus. We have encapsulated the lime in this Golden take on the classic gin cocktail, the Gimlet.

To Serve: Chill the cocktail and shake before being poured. We like this simply poured into a chilled rocks glass and garnished with a lime wheel. Serves 2.


Chamberyzette and vermouth, Mais oui, C'est ça!! This strawberry Martini is utterly, mouth-wateringly fruity and perfect for all occasions.

To Serve:Chill cocktail and Coupe glass. Shake cocktail, pour into chilled Coupe and garnish with a finely sliced strawberry and a sliver of lemon zest. Serves 2.

Can’t choose? We suggest you try all of them! We can ship our Cocktails For You selection as you wish, simply check out now and choose your mix. However, we do ask that you order in multiples of two.



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Negroni Cocktail in a south of France table setting
Martini Cocktail in a south of France table setting
‘Parisian’ Cocktail in a south of France table setting
Gimlet Cocktail in a south of France table setting
Pink Martini Cocktail in a south of France table setting