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Interesting fact of the day, when British Sailors understood the benefits of drinking lime juice to prevent scurvy in the 1800s they drank so much of it mixed with their daily ration of rum 'grog' that this is where the affectionate name of 'Limeys' came from!

Want to know more? So here's another interesting fact for you, in 1867 after the famous Merchant shipping act made it mandatory for British ships to carry lime juice rations for the crew, to prevent scurvy a certain Lachlin Rose developed a process to preserve the lime juice with sugar rather than alcohol and Roses Lime Cordial was thus created by a Scottish shipyard owner.

With Sailors quaffing the Rum, the Officers would be drinking gin and they would mix with lime cordial, 50/50. A creation of circumstance however with a more balanced mix of proportions and stirred over ice the result is sublime.

As for the name? Well there are various stories to believe but a 'Gimlet' is a small tool used to tap the barrels of spirits on Navy Ships or possibly names after a Doctor - Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette (served 1879 – 1913) who administered gin with lime in order to mask the bitter taste.

Not quite the Poetic history of the Negroni however the Gimlet is possibly one of the oldest and most simple classic Gin cocktails that when perfected, balanced and chilled is a Coupette of wonder for the taste buds. And a final note, I really enjoy Château de Beaulon 5 year old Pineau Des Charentes brings a delicious sweetness, through dried fruit notes, to our Gimlet.

We hope you enjoy this French twist on this simple cocktail, be sure to share your pictures with us on instagram @44ngin and tell us how you like to serve 44ºN. Salute!!

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50 ml 44°N Gin

10 ml Vin Jaune or Pineau des Charentes

10 ml sugar syrup

15 ml Lemon juice

2 dashes Orange bitters



1/ Measure out the 44°N, Vin Jaune and sugar syrup, pour into your mixing glass 2/ Juice your lemon with a Mexican elbow (any juicer will work just as well), measure and add to your mixing glass 3/ Add Bitters by the dash (*TIP: we like to decant our bitters into a dash bottle, trés elegant on the drinks trolley!) 4/ Add ice to mixing glass and stir with barspoon until mixing glass condenses 5/ Strain from Mixing glass into your chilled Coupette & Garnish with Orange peel. Santé!

Lady Clementine G&T