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Flora gin punch

Circa 2005 I found myself in the delectably dark and secret Red Room at Milk and Honey. It was in that darkened bar in one of London’s greatest members’ hangouts and cocktail spots that I discovered the Floradora.

Dale DeGroff delivered a refreshingly dazzling highball of gin, raspberry, ginger, lime and soda, this cocktail will always bring to mind time spent in Soho, great hospitality and perfectly crafted cocktails in one the World's best bars.

It is with heavy heart that Jonathan Downey announced the permanent closure of Milk and Honey and so this is our tribute to them, to the “No hooting, hollering, shouting or other loud behaviour” that made this one of London’s best loved bars.

We hope you enjoy creating this Iconic cocktail, be sure to share your pictures with us on instagram @44ngin!

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40 ml 44°N Gin 10 ml Fresh ginger syrup
15 ml Lime Juice 20 ml Ginger Ale
2 Barspoons Bonne Maman Raspberry Jam 40 ml French Dry Sparkling Wine



1/ Measure and pour all spirits & liquids from bottles into your shaker 2/ Juice Limes with Mexican elbow (this is a fancy bartender tool, any juicer will work just as well) into a measure then directly into your shaker 3/ Add ice to the ingredients in your shaker 4/ Shake the contents until your shaker has condensation on the outside 5/ Fine strain over ice cubes into a highball 6/ Top-Up with Ginger ale & Finish with Sparkling Wine 7/ Garnish with a Lime wheel and a raspberry. Santé!

If, all things permitting, you are having a get together over the festive season, turn the lights down and create the Red Room at home and turn this little delight of a punch for one into a punch for 4-friends.


1 x 500ml Bottle of 44°N Gin 185 ml Lime Juice
125 ml Fresh ginger syrup 250 ml Ginger Ale
25 Barspoons Bonne Maman Raspberry Jam 1 bottle French Dry Sparkling Wine



1/ Take an old ice cream tub and fill with water. Freeze. This makes your large ice block to keep you punch cold without diluting it. 2/ Pour 44°N, ginger syrup, lime juice and jam in a punch bowl (*TIP: shake jam with lime juice to mix before adding to the punch bowl.) 3/ Put ice block in the punch bowl and pour over Ginger Ale and Sparkling wine (*TIP: avoid pouring over the ice block as this will knock the bubbles out of the liquid) 4/ Garnish with lime wheels and fresh raspberries 5/ Serve in rocks or punch glasses. Santé!

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