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Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans, 2011 and Jim Ryan made me my first ever Ramos. Before you embark on the journey of making your first Gin Fizz it is worth noting that the average time to make one of these is 12 minutes - when you see the words 'vigorous shaking' in the method below we mean it, truly.

The history dates back to 1888, Henry C. Ramos invented the Ramos gin fizz at his bar, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon on Gravier Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. It was originally called a "New Orleans fizz", and is one of the city's most famous cocktails. We've added a little French touch to the classic Ramos recipe by adding Crème de Marron (Chestnut Cream) which has a delicious nutty, roasted flavour and compliments the base notes in our gin, 44°N.

Pro-Tip - To achieve the perfect head on this Marron Gin Fizz it is important to let the cocktail settle for at least a minute before topping off with what is left in the shaker, ideally place the glass in a fridge or freezer whilst it settles.

We hope you enjoy mastering the art of making our Marron Gin Fizz, be sure to share your pictures with us on instagram @44ngin!

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50 ml 44°N Gin 15 ml Lemon juice
15 ml Lime Juice 20 ml Sugar syrup
25 ml Heavy Cream 4 bar spoon Crème de Marron
1 drops vanilla extract 1 egg white
Soda Water (top-up)


1/ Measure 44°N and pour into your shaker 2/Juice both citrus fruits with a Mexican elbow (any juicer will work just as well), measure and add to your shaker 3/ Separate your egg, pour only the egg white into the shaker (*TIP: your fingers work as a great sieve to separate the yolk from the white!) 4/ Put the rest of your ingredients, except the club soda and ice, into your shaker and shake vigorously (we call this the Dry-Shake) 5/ Fill your shaker with ice and shake again - vigorously until there is condensation on the outside of the shaker (this is the Wet-Shake) 6/ Slowly pour 2/3 of the liquid through a strainer into a Highball whilst simultaneously pouring with soda in your other hand. They should form one stream going into the glass. Wait 1 minute until the foam settles and slightly solidifies 7/ Pour a little bit of club soda back and forth between the empty halves of the shaker to pick up any residual egg white then pour into the glass. Topping up the glass with soda water to bring the stiffend foam up over the glass lip 8/ Garnish with a slice of Marron & to be a true bartender, stick a paper straw to the side of the glass! Santé!

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